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On-Line Publishers, Inc., has been producing high-quality publications and events throughout the Susquehanna and Delaware valleys in Pennsylvania since 1995. We help advertisers engage with their target audiences to grow their client base and revenues. 

Our multimedia platforms are designed to reach your customers in an effective manner. 

Dynamic print publications are complemented by digital editions. The articles included in each edition are relevant to the readership and provide an excellent opportunity for advertisers to get in front of a specific demographic who can benefit from their product or service. 

Special-focus magazine supplements are inserted in core publications at various times throughout the year to highlight the importance of a particular topic or issue. 

50plus EXPOs, and women’s expos, offer the opportunity for participating exhibitors to meet face to face with potential clients to make personal connections or to build upon an existing relationship. Lively demonstrations and entertainment are provided throughout the day to engage and enliven the experience.

Veterans' events provide veterans and their families an opportunity to be introduced to exhibitors who are interested in their well-being and represent community-service providers, healthcare professionals, VA benefits organizations, education/training providers, business startup assistance organizations, and employers.

We stay connected through an interactive website and friendly social-media interaction.

Our experience has helped advertisers grow their revenue by reaching their target markets.

Let us work with you to see how we can integrate our publications and events into your overall marketing strategy to further brand your company.

Please visit our publications and events websites for additional information.

Whether you're looking to reach baby boomers, seniors, women, men, or veterans and their families, you can depend on the publications and events produced by On-Line Publishers, Inc., to deliver your message and ensure that the market responds.

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