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Resource Directory for the Caregiver, Aging, and Disabled

Resource Directory for PA

The Resource Directory for the Caregiver, Aging, and Disabled is the ultimate source for information and resources available to the community.

Now with the cooresponding online searchable directory,
you can find thousands of resources easily!

It is the most comprehensive publication in print and online for the county focusing on products, services, and support for baby boomers, seniors, caregivers, and persons with disabilities. More than 400 listings per edition.

The online e-dition is easily accessible anytime, anywhere and is complemented with a print edition that reaches the many baby boomers, seniors, and others who continue to rely on printed material.

Free copies are distributed throughout the county, including government offices, CVS/pharmacies, doctors’ offices, 50plus EXPOS, professional organizations, and wherever 50plus LIFE is distributed.

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